in other news if you have an oc with pink hair im automatically in love with them

omg u mean theres even mini-er versions? i’ll take 2! my very own cy <3

that’d be awful though oh my god, if you dont give tiny cys constant attention they will start crying

You're like a Russian doll, so full of yourself. Jk jk.

weepS i am actually super full of myself and it makes me get really hurt and angry and jealous over the stupidest things and idk how to not be like this please bury me alive O(-(

wow someone teach me how to get over myself

i looked through your archive soz and your art has improved SO MUCH over the past year; I hope you're proud!

*ugly crying*

aaaah holy shit tho, this means a lot to me!! Thank you so much for this aah i dont even know what to say //covers face
But yeah, I’m proud of my improvement!! I hope I keep the steady pace of it up \o/


nowhere&#8217;s child

nowhere’s child

ask-sukone-tei said: ((Dead dog and girl this reminds me corpse bride))


B-but the corpse bride and the groom don’t actually get married in the movie, you know?!?! So don’t compare me to her…!!